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Why The HR Agent?

For an innovative business, making the right hire is everything. Hiring the wrong person can have long-lasting consequences for your team, culture, and company's ability to grow and succeed. This is why we are committed to helping you implement the processes and procedures you need to attract and retain top talent!

Our Services

Talent Recruitment

As a business owner, you are too busy growing your brand to give talent recruitment the time and attention it deserves. We strive to be the perfect partner and help you to manage this crucial part of your organization. We take the time to understand your company's needs and what is required for each role you are hiring for.

Once we understand your vision and goals we implement our time-tested process to ensure each candidate is properly vetted and meets the standards you have set. This allows us to screen out less qualified applicants and ensure you only meet with candidates worthy of your time. We recruit and screen all levels of talent, including performing execurive searches as well.

HR Department Consulting

It is a well-known fact that it costs more to hire a new person than retain a current employee. Not only does turnover impact your bottom line, but it can also have adverse effects on team chemistry and overall company culture. As a small company, it may be challenging to ensure that the need of your employees are getting the time and attention they deserve.

The most important factor for anemployee when considering staying at a company is whether they are growing in their position. Additional critical factors include performing meaningful work, feeling respected, and working in an organized space. Unfortunately, most employeees do not realize these needs are not being met until after the employee leaves the company.

Our team provides the support your HR department needs to make sure your employee's needs are met, and voices are being heard. Our methods have been proven to lower turnover rate, increase employee attrition, and improve overall company morale.

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